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Saathi Law Chambers

With Saathi Law Chamber, your case is our priority. Our partners and associates are committed to excellence, and have been successfully representing our clients in Pakistan since 1995. Take a look at our site to find out more.

Our Services


Legal advisory and consultancy

Our specially trained solicitors/Advocates offer professional legal consultancy in all sectors be it Family matters, Civil matter or Criminal matter in Pakistan. 


Proceeding Cases

Our Solicitors/Advocates can either start a new legal proceeding in courts in Pakistan or takeover existing proceedings.


Drafting documents

We specialize in drafting documents such as Wills, Legal Notices, Sale and Rent agreements and Claim forms (N244 FORM).


Get to Know Us

Saathi Law Chambers is widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and results-oriented firm.

We are a Pakistan & UK based law firm who deals with clients worldwide regarding their matters in Pakistan.

Our law firm makes full use out of experienced personnel trained in various fields of Pakistani Law in order to assist clients in every way with their endeavours in Pakistan.

Our work is carried out based on the client's sole interests which are paramount, frequently requiring multidisciplinary solutions, which is why we work extremely hard to identify and understand our clients' problems, their businesses, goals and aspirations in order to assist them in their journey to success.

Our Services

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Saathi Law Chamber Client



One of the chief points that set us apart is our capacity of reliability. We pride ourselves greatly in the way we provide to the clients and make our utmost effort at earning their confidence.


Legal Matters are complex and ever-evolving which is why it is highly important to keep clients at ease. in this sense we will make extra efforts to simplify things for clients leaving them well informed of their matters.

Responding in time

Clients often need help at any time and for this purpose the company will make sure that the required approach is provided by one of our experienced professionals. Keeping a healthy interaction with our clients and providing them with quick responses in case of queries of confusion at any time is our utmost priority. 

Get in Touch

First and Second floor Offices, 90 Cowbridge Road East, Pontcanna, Cardiff, Wales, UK


Office no. 505 Paradise Chambers, Shahrah-e-Iraq, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan

+44 7920 446019

+92 3333217757

+92 334 3670706

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